The teens

Osami Mizuno
Osami Mizuno,is a teenage boy, who moved to a new city with his family. Turns out things wont go as smoothly as he wanted, and relationships so much harder to keep, when there's hierarchy of school life involved. He is seventeen years old, he likes to read, his favorite color is red, and he hates math.


Yoi Wakayo
Yoi Wakayo, is a first student Osami encounters . His a kind, sweet boy who's alienated from the rest of the class. There's much rumors about him, and his known as the "weirdo". He is also seventeen years old, loves marvel movies, his favorite color is blue, and he likes art class, even when he's not that good at it.

Goto Derango
Goto Derango, eighteen years old, second year of highscool,he likes his leather jacket, his kind to people his friends with,but total asshole to people he dislikes. And that's lot of people..

Lane is at the top of the food chain, he decides who is worthy of being with the ''cool'' guys, and who's not. Although sometimes he overestimates his powers to the control. He plays floorball, and is good at it. His favorite color is silver, and his favorite class is gym.

Henry is the righthand of Lane, they are the BFF, they define that word. There's nothing Henry wouldn't do to ear the praises from Lane. He loves history, his one of the best at it in school. But although he looks "nerdy" his not, history is the one and only subject his good at, but Lane helps him to manage some subjects. His favorite color is orange.

Sarah is from all girls school nearby of the all boy school. She is seventeen, her favorite color is lilac, and her favorite subject in school is gym. She really loves floorball, and football.

She shall remain secret for a while.

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